One Day More! is my tribute to the novel and musical Les MisÚrables. It's designed and maintained by me, Meghan, and here's the obligatory spiel.

It opened in July of 2000. Sucked quite a bit back then. It has lived at Geocities, Crosswinds, (and most recently) Brinkster. I don't recommend any of them as web hosts, though. In fact, I would go out of my way to avoid them.

It seemed like ODM was going to have to become inactive, as I didn't have the motivation or incentive to update. I disliked the old design, but found Brinkster so hard to use and consistently down that I never had time to redesign.

And then the webmistresses of Frenchboys offered me a subdomain. And I got motivated. And voila.

You can always, always, contact me at meghan@frenchboys.net. I adore getting e-mail, so please do mail me.