Old Site
You had a page up here about Rona Figueroa. Where did it go?

I did, but as I accumulated more and more pictures, sounds, etc. I realized that a little tribute to her on this page wouldn't hold all the info and stuff I had. I'm currently doing an unofficial tribute site to her right now. It can be found here.

You had --insert name of sound, picture, fanfic from crosswinds/geocities days-- up on your site and it's not here now. Can you e-mail me a copy?

Sorry, no. Most of the stuff from my crosswinds/geocities days is lost or deleted. I've transported all the fanfic that has been sent to me here, but sounds and pictures cannot and will not be resurrected.


What's your real name?

Meghan, which is not hard to find out. I don't keep my last name a secret per se, but I really don't reveal it to anybody who wants to know.

Where can I find out more about you?

Once I get my personal site up you can go there, or you can read my online diary, The Angst Chronicles.

Can You...

..record me this certain sound clip?

Probably, if I have the recording. Talk to me about it.

..link to my page?

Sure! Just ask me.

Submission Guidelines

I have this fanfic. Will you post it?

I'm no longer accepting fanfic, sorry..

I drew this fan art. Will you post it?

Sorry, once again, no.