[barricade of revolution]

One of the most comprehensive Les Mis sites run by the talented Ponine Enjolras. She also heads up the Les Misérables Fan Fiction Webring, so go check out her site and if your site has fan fic. . .join up!!

Le Jardin de Luxembourg

Another fabulous site, which inspired me to redesign into my minimalistic movement. :-) Get thee there, hurry! And while you're at it check out the campaign stuff- everybody's going to vote for Enjolras, right?

The Les Misérables Fan Fiction Index

Another fun-filled site full of. . .you guessed it, fan fic!! Where most of my stuff was first posted. Come join us in the forum! Run by Manon, who's personal site is linked down below.

Les Misérables

Another great site. . .this one has pictures, sounds, MP3's, a great message board, winamp-skins. . .this is your place for the obscure, fun, and arcane Les Mis accessories. Run by MaE and Linn.

The Official Site

Everything that all other pages are not- official. What can I say? It kind of sucks ass.

Les Mis Club

A wonderfully fun club of which I am a member. You can submit things to newsletters, join a webring, voice opinions, and generally let the Mizzie deep inside run wild!! Go join now!

The Grantaire Sympathy Society

Let's face it. We all love the drunkard. 'Fess up and join. I am Lonely Gamine, Admirer of Barricades, Long Speeches, and Ugly-Revolutionaries-who-are-Fond-of-Absinthe. You can have a long official-sounding name too. . .all you have to do is join. And maybe write a little bit of Grantaire fan fic if you want to stay on Manon's good side. :-)

Song of the Abaissé

I so love Geng just as a person, and in addition this just rocks righteously.

Les Mis

A personal page with Les Mis favorite performers and characters. She likes my favorite Marius (who lives in London). It's always the English ones, man.

55 Rue Plumet

A fun and beautiful site with much loveliness like song parodies, fan fiction, Les Mis bookmarks and more!!

The Society for the Preservation of Eponine

A society dedicated to the rightful fanship of Eponine. Go see. Contrary to popular belief I do update sometimes.


Sun and Moon: The Unofficial Rona Figueroa Site

Yay me! My little completely unknown, completely unauthorized tribute to best Eponine ever.

The Official Lea Salonga Site

The Lea site. Great! Except don't expect anyone to see your signature in the guestbook--within five minutes twenty other people will have signed.:-) Loads surprisingly fast considering how busy it is. I once took an image from here for a layout, so shh, don't tell.

Magnificent Matt: A tribute to Matt Clemens

Wow!! A great site dedicated to a great actor! Visit now! With lots of info, pictures, and other things.

The Official Sutton Foster Site

Have you noticed I get kicks out of official sites? This one is great! Lovely layout and lots of great information about Sutton Foster, a talented former Eponine! And she was in The Scarlet Pimpernel too, which makes her doubly cool! Sutton Foster kicks ass and takes names.

The Unofficial Carmen Cusack Site

Never heard of her, but she sounds neat. She was in Les Mis, after all....anyway, the layout is very lovely and gothic-looking. Beautiful page.


The Official Miss Saigon Site

A page for my sometimes-second favorite musical. Has anybody noticed how the older offficial colors of Miss S. were burgundy and black but now the official colors are bright red and black? Or is that a me thing....

Last Night I Had A Dream....

A page split between the fun and fanciful (well, okay, maybe not) RENT and of course, Les Misérables. Much fun, much insanity.

The Official RENT Site

Good except for when you want a sound clip and it doesn't work, ("Out Tonight" in mp3, I'M LOOKING AT YOU KID) Visit anyway.


Flamingo Stampede

Les Mis and lots of other fun stuff! Go visit!

Manon's Garden

Not enough praise can be said for this site. It's beautiful, creative, and varied. For the wanderer in all of us.

The Offical Calvin and Hobbes Website

You must visit this site. My favorite comic strip. . .this site makes me very happy. C&H!! Woohoo!! Craziness and funny faces and the philosophical musings of a six-year-old and his stuffed tiger abound. Visit now.

I [heart] Brenna because she laughs at my stupid jokes and is just generally a good friend.